Camping in Dalat-the most rewarding to experience the region

Is it safe to camp in Dalat and is it a good decision? The campsites in Dalat are countless, but not everyone knows the most beautiful campsite and safe place. Where is the campsites in Dalat? What is the weather? Without experience, you should rent a tent or buy a camping tour?

Many questions are not easy to answer, and many tourists have decided to give up eventually regret because of missing this extremely interesting experience. Below, we will answer all of the above questions. After you read them, you can definitely decide to camp in Dalat or not.

Campsites in Dalat

Dalat has many famous campsites. Every place is beautiful and each campsite has its own beauty.

The area of Tuyen Lam Lake is safe and convenient, but Da Phu hill or Lang Biang peak is a camping spot to welcome a beautiful sunrise.

Here are the 5 most beautiful campsites in Dalat, you should read before deciding to choose one among them.

Camping on Thien Phuc Duc hill

Thien Phuc Duc Hill is considered as the most ideal campsite in Dalat. Camping here you can watch the sunrise, watching the clouds and watch a starry sky at night time.

This hill is about 6 km from Dalat city center and the road is not too difficult to go.

Camping on Da Phu hill

Da Phu Hill is a new campsite in Dalat, not many people know about this attractive place.

From Da Phu Hill you can see the whole city, and the sunrise here is very beautiful.

Camping at Golden Valley

Golden Valley is the most famous campsite in Dalat. Many camping festivals are organized here.

With the advantage of having a large lawn and right next to the poetic Golden Stream, this place is chosen to host big picnic events.

The scenery of pine forest combined with Golden Stream creates an extremely romantic spectacle in the early morning.

Camping in LangBiang Mountain

This campsite is not easy for first-time people because of extreme weather conditions and must walk quite a distance.

Normally, people will camp at the two main locations: Rada peak and Hon Ba peak. Hon Ba Peak is 2,167m high above the sea level and has to walk quite hard.

If you are not a professional camper, you should not choose this location, it is both cold, hard to go and it is very difficult to call support team if you have problem.

Camping beside Tuyen Lam Lake

When mentioning about camping in Dalat, many people will immediately think about this place.

In spring, landscape of Tuyen Lam Lake is extremely romantic. If you like to watch clouds, you can go up Pinhat peak beside Tuyen Lam Lake.

This place is also considered as an ideal campsite, shooting photo and watching sunrise.

Another advantage for this attractive campsite is the location near the city center and moving extremely easily.

Camping in Golden Stream, lonely pine tree

If you are a believer of romance, you cannot miss the lonely pine tree in Golden Stream.

This place is still wild, few people know the way to here; the scenery is super beautiful and super sparkling. Ultra-wide viewing angles, camping are very great if you come here in the pink grass season.

A not good problem of this place is difficult way and you need to be careful when riding motorbike to this campsite.

Camping tour service

If you need a professional camping tour to take care of your group’s camping program, you can contact us.

Notes when camping in Dalat

Undeniably, camping in Dalat is an extremely interesting and fascinating experience. But the weather in Dalat at night is not comfortable for everyone, especially in the winter.

Unlike other places, Dalat is not easy to camp overnight, so you should read these notes to have a beautiful experience.


This is the first and most important issue when you decide to camp overnight in Dalat.

Any season, Dalat is cold at night, before deciding to go to Dalat and camp overnight, you should note 5 following weather issues:

Rainy season, from September to December, you should not camp in Dalat, this season Dalat is extremely cold and wet.

Choose the suitable campsite

You should not choose the campsite up to your hobby and bring the tent there right away. Depending on the health, conditions and experience of the team to decide the appropriate campsite.

If you have not the experience and you want to be safe, you should choose campsites that are easy to move, near the center such as Xuan Huong Lake and Tuyen Lam Lake.

If you want to hunt cloud photos, go to the top of the hills like Lang Biang, Da Phu or Hon Bo.

If you like to explore and enjoy the sunrise, choose Golden Valley, Golden Stream.


What to prepare for camping?

Everyone knows that there must be a tent, a charcoal stove, a sound system to organize a party for camping. But in Dalat, apart from those essential things you need to prepare the following:

The most basic things like tents, stoves, light bulbs, sound systems, food… are essential.

In addition, camping in Dalat you need to prepare insulation sheets and sleeping bags. These are two very important things when camping in Dalat.

Prepare a waterproof or plastic bag to keep important items because Dalat is very wet at night.

Always remember heat preservation device and lighters.

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