High rope course-overcome your fear


High rope course-overcome your fear

This game is a combination of mini-games, with 7 levels for children-family-passionate in adventure persons-asserting yourself. Joining in this game you can discover your brave level inside, you can touch every emotion and feel it. Not only for a person, but you can also join this game for team-building purposes, both to improve health and to improve group-working ability. It is the most suitable journey for you at a reasonable price.

This brand-new challenge game has 7 different levels from easy to difficult

Level 1: learning to use the equipment, warm up your body

Level 2: using the safest truckle even for children from 3 to 8 years old

Level 3: It's suitable for a family with 2-5 meters high

Level 4: You can behold some points 13m high

Level 5: 10 mini-games could make you feel a little bit of fear, but don't miss them because it becomes more amazing from here

Level 6: While you are flying by the zipline about 200 meters, you can yell loud out and enjoy the freedom over the pine forest, please, carefully focus

Level 7: It's just for the bravest ones, who believe in themselves, and experience the final round to conquer both themselves and challenges.


Price: 20$/pax without transport

Price: 27$/Pax with transport

Noted: We will arrange transport with at least 2 people in a group.