Camping Tour at Tuyen Lam Lake (TTV08)


- Quiet, clean Camping area, 24/24 security, with toilets.

- Participate in professional camping activities. Mongolian luxury tents are staged and decorated with subdivisions: sleeping tents, BBQ tents, central tents for chatting and taking pictures, campfire areas, and especially, the campsite has a bathroom and toilet.

- Super relaxing trekking area, which is easy for you to take perfect trekking pictures.

- The BBQ menu is very rich and diverse, you can set up a private barbecue for your groups or with the whole camp to have fun.

- Private camping tent locations.

Day 1: Camping - Kayaking/ SUP boating

2:30 pm: The tour guides will pick you up at Tuyen Lam Lake.

3:30 pm: You have the option to choose a boat to row and watch the sunset. Afterward, you will move to Viet Challenge Tour's private campsite, or you can choose to move out by canoe and take a leisurely stroll while enjoying the beauty of the pine forest.

6:00 pm: Indulge in a delicious BBQ dinner and savor a glass of wine. You can choose to grill separately in groups, adding to the enjoyment of the evening.

Day 2: Rowing and Watching Sunrise – Return to the City (Including Breakfast)

5:30 am: Wake up to the invigorating fresh air at Tuyen Lam Lake in the early morning.

Amidst the mist and the captivating scenery of Tuyen Lam Lake, you will board a boat to practice your rowing skills and embark on your own journey. During this experience, you can relish the tranquil atmosphere and immerse yourself in the beauty of the crystal-clear blue lake water, creating moments of ultimate relaxation.

After the rowing session, enjoy a satisfying breakfast accompanied by a cup of coffee, setting the perfect tone for the day ahead.

9:00 am: Clean up the tents and dispose of any garbage. Then, the car will transport you back to Da Lat City.

This marks the end of the tour, and we hope to see you again soon.



Một bữa tiệc nướng với rượu vang riêng tư có làm bạn xao xuyến.

buổi tối lãng mạn với ánh đèn lung linh, đủ cho không gian riêng tư cho cặp đôi trò chuyện


Chèo thuyền trong sương sớm chờn vờn trên mặt hồ, khi ánh bình minh ló rạng, là khoảnh khắc vô cùng an nhiên 


hẵn thật khó tìm được khoảnh khắc này, nếu chúng ta cứ vùi mình trong phố thị phồn hoa và công việc ngập đầy

sự riêng tư của khách hàng, tâm lý an toàn chúng tôi đều tính đến trong khu camping

quây quần bên bếp lữa trại, hát cho nhau nghe

 khu vực trekking nhẹ nhàng lãng mạn, phù hợp cho gia đình nhỏ xinh và cả nhóm bạn nữa.


 những giây phút vui vẻ bên gia đình và các con


Bãi camp chiều hoàng hôn



 Price:VND/ PAX

the price is not applied for New Year, Lunar New Year, or special days of Viet Nam

Depart From:

Tuyen Lam Lake

End At:

Tuyen Lam Lake

Start Time:

14:00 - 14:30

Finish Time:

Around 8:30 am or 10 AM in the morning the day after.

What to Bring:

Hat, sunscreen, repellent, swimsuit (if desired), camera, comfortable walking shoes, warm coat to overnight at campsite.

What is Included:

English-speaking guide, all necessary forest and tourist permits, first aid kit, BBQ (grilled pork, grilled chicken, corn, potatoes), Acoustic.