Ha Giang Loop Tour (3D4N)



Ha Giang is a breathtaking destination located in northern Vietnam. With its majestic mountains, stunning landscapes, and vibrant ethnic cultures, it offers a truly memorable experience. Visitors can explore the iconic Dong Van Karst Plateau, embark on thrilling motorbike adventures along winding mountain roads, and immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage of the local tribes. Ha Giang's beauty lies in its untouched natural beauty, picturesque rice terraces, and friendly locals. It's a hidden gem that promises awe-inspiring vistas and an authentic cultural experience for adventurous travelers.

Night 01: Ha Noi – Ha Giang City ( 350 Km – sleeping on the cabin bus)

At 8:00 PM, we will pick you up at the office located in the Old Quarter of Ha Noi.

At 9:00 PM, the departure time from My Dinh bus station.

At 11:30 PM, the bus will make a stop at the Tuyen Quang rest stop.

 At 3:30 AM, the bus will arrive at the office in Ha Giang city. We have a complimentary room available for you to rest for a few hours before your trip.

Day 01: Ha Giang – Quan Ba - Lung Cu – Dong Van. ( 175 km : B / L/ D) 

At 7:30 AM, the car and tour guide will arrive to take you on a sightseeing trip to Ha Giang Loop. The trip will include:

Km0 Square: This is the center of Ha Giang and the origin point of the Happiness Road, which extends from the city to Meo Vac town.

Bac Sum Pass: The first slope that greets you on the Dong Van Karst Plateau GeoPark. We will drive through this point.

Heaven's Gate Quan Ba: Here, you can pause to capture photos of the picturesque Twin Mountains at the peak of the slope.

Can Ty Pass: With an elevation of 1000-1200 meters above sea level, you can appreciate the beautiful and grandiose scenery.

At 12:00 PM, savor local cuisine for lunch in Yen Minh small town before continuing the trip.

At 2:00 PM, stop at Tham Ma Pass to relish the stunning slope. Prior to that, we will traverse nine intriguing passages.

At 3:00 PM, visit Sung La Valley and Lung Cam Village, a quaint village with traditional houses and stone fences of the Hmong people. You can explore Pao's house.

At 4:00 PM, visit Hmong King's Palace, which was once the abode of the most influential Hmong people and was considered their palace at that time, in a distinctive Chinese style.

At 5:00 PM, arrive and check-in at the hotel in Dong Van town.

Dong Van district is the starting point of Vietnam with a border stretching hundreds of kilometers with China. The populace mainly consists of ethnic minorities such as Hmong, Tay, Nung, Lo Lo, Co Lao, San Chi, San Diu, but most of them are Hmong (about 70%). The most renowned is Dong Van Old Quarter, which has been a significant trading center since ancient times and still is today. On Sunday mornings in Dong Van Old Town, there is a marketplace where locals from all over come to purchase and vend goods.

At 7:30 PM, dine at Old Quarter before taking a leisurely stroll.

Day 02: Dong Van - Lung Cu - Meo Vac (80 km: B + L + D)

At 7:00 AM: Begin your day with breakfast, followed by checking out of the hotel and heading to Lung Cu.

(On Sunday mornings, you can attend the local ethnic people's market in Dong Van town.)

At 8:00 AM, visit the Lung Cu flagpole, where you'll find the charming Lo Lo Chai village nestled at the foot of Long Son mountain. This village is home to the Lo Lo minority people and boasts unique dwellings and amiable residents. You can explore the area on foot.

At 11:30 AM, return to Dong Van town for lunch before embarking on a journey along the "Happiness" road.

At 1:30 PM, venture to Ma Pi Leng Pass, which sits at an elevation of over 1200 meters above sea level and offers a breathtaking vista of the mountains between Vietnam and China. The Nho Que River flows below. This spot is ideal for sightseeing and photography. You can also pause for refreshments at Panorama Coffee (which you will pay for yourself, approximately 60,000 VND).

At 2:30 PM, glide along the Nho Que River by boat before continuing to Meo Vac town.

At 4:30 PM, arrive and check in at a homestay in Pa Vi village at Meo Vac.

At 7:00 PM, relish dinner at the homestay and unwind.      

Day 03 : Meo Vac – Ha Giang City – Ha Noi. (480 km: B + L)

 At 700 AM: Begin your day by enjoying breakfast and checking out of the homestay. Return to Ha Giang city, and along the way, you have the opportunity to visit:

 Meo Vac town: A highland district situated near the border with China. The district has a sparsely populated area dominated by the Hmong people, who make up approximately 70% of the population. The Hmong people have a tradition of residing in high and treacherous mountain ranges. (On Sunday mornings, they gather for trading and socializing at the Meo Vac town market.)

 Lung Tam village: This is a handicraft village of the Hmong people nestled in the picturesque Lung Tam valley.

 Nam Dam village: A charming and serene small village of the Dao people, located about 2 km from Quan Ba town. It is renowned for its unique houses that report the soil and herbal medicines.

At 1:00 PM, enjoy lunch in Quan Ba town.

By 3:30 PM, arrive at the Ha Giang city office and await the bus for your return journey to Hanoi:

Option 1: Departure at 4:00 PM on a luxurious Limousine bus, arriving in Hanoi at 10:00 PM.

Option 2: Departure at 9:00 PM on a comfortable sleeping bus, arriving in Hanoi at 4:00 AM.

The trip ends. Thank you and we hope to see you againt



The price:

Type of transport 

(depend on group size)

       Price/ pax

Hotel 2 Stars and homestay

By Car/ Van


Hotel 2 Stars and homestay

By Motorbike ( seat with driver)



✅Tour included:

 + English tour guide.

 + Two ways sleep bus ticket.

 + Transfer: 7 – 16 seats.

 + Meal included: 03 breakfasts, 03 lunches, 02 dinners

 + Hotel: 02 nights or homestay.

 + Entrance free: Pao's house, Hmong king's Palace, Lung Cu plag, Nho Que Boat ticket.

✅ Tour not included:

  + Drinks, Single room, 10 % Vat tax, tip ….

  + Single room:

     15$/night for 2 stars hotel or homestay.

     25$/night for 3 stars hotel.

✅  Children Policy:

  •  Children: Under 3 years old sleep, ride with parents for free.
  • Children 4 - 6 years old charge 50% adult price.
  • Children 7 - 9 years old charge 75% adult price.
  • Children 10 years and older are charged as adults.