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This Tour is a comprehensive canyoning tour combined with a thrilling 1500m zipline adventure through the forest. It's designed for those seeking an extraordinary and adrenaline-filled experience. It combines the exhilarating sport of canyoning with the excitement of ziplining, offering a unique and unforgettable adventure.

During the canyoning portion of the tour, you will navigate through rugged and picturesque canyons, overcoming various natural obstacles such as waterfalls, rock walls, and fast-flowing streams. You will use specialized equipment and techniques to descend cliffs, jump into pools, and slide down natural water slides. It's a thrilling and physically demanding activity that requires strength, agility, and mental fortitude.




Base Camp

 you will be equipped with specialized equipment such as harnesses, carabiners, life jackets, helmets, etc., to start the 8-kilometer conquest of consecutive adventurous activities hidden deep in the primeval forest with interconnected waterfalls.

Station 1: Experiance Asia's Longest Forest Zipline.

This is a state-of-the-art, 3-line zipline system, the longest in Asia, spanning 1500m. You will experience the sensation of flying through the pine forest and tropical jungle, which is incredibly exciting.

Station 2: 18m Dry cliff

This is the second activity after we have mastered the skills of rope swinging and speed control while descending from a vertical rock wall. It's definitely nerve-wracking, especially if it's your first time doing something like this, but it's exhilarating to throw yourself into the air and land safely.

Station 3: Waterfall - Zipline

At this station, you will challenge yourself, awaken the power within yourself to prepare for a more difficult journey. With a Waterfall about 15m high and zip-line across the waterfalls.

Station 4: Water Sliding

Over time, the rocks are eroded by the water, creating an ideal place for us to let ourselves float along the swiftly flowing water. Gently leaning back, with hands hugging shoulders, taking a deep breath, the water will pull you down from the c, sending you deep into the water and then resurfacing with an incredibly exhilarating feeling.

Station 5: 25m Waterfall 

This station is truly a terrifying thought, with a 25m high waterfall and water pouring down vigorously. Negative thoughts keep rushing in, racing with your heartbeat. It's too high, the water is too strong, what if the rope breaks...if I fall, how will I stand up...etc. All those thoughts go against you, what you need is a strong heart, a clear and sober mind to face and conquer the weak part within yourself. We ensure that all our activities are controlled with maximum safety.


Station 6: Washing Machine

Not stopping at the 11m jumping cliff, you will enter the next mental struggle, the most difficult choice in your journey to conquer your challenges. Continue to make more effort and be even stronger to have a perfect day or stop in fear and regret later. Here, you will walk down until your back touches the waterfall, take a deep breath to increase the blood flow to your brain, straighten your legs, open your eyes wide, and relax your body. The swirling water at the bottom of the waterfall will cleanse your energy before pushing you out like a log in the cheers of your fellow adventurers. Wow! It's truly an indescribable feeling. The waterfall conquering journey will end here, and you will trek along the cool stream to reach the tour's ending point.


Max of group size: 10 people / group


Depart From:

38 Tăng Bạt Hổ street or at your hotel ( pick up 8h15 -8h45 am)


Around 8 hours

Departure Date:



Zipline, Hiking, swimming, rappelling, free jumping from high cliffs, water slides... 


 Trekking 5 Moderate, canyoning 5 - 7 Moderat


Car or minivan, depending on the group's size

What should bring:

Sunscreen, waterproof camera, shoes/ sandals, socks, towels, undergarments, clothes.


Fruit snacks, purified drinking water. Please note one day in advance if you have special dietary requirements

Nice lunch: Bread, pock, cheese, vegetables, hot chocolate, mango, watermelon, banana......

What's included: :

Professionally trained guides, all necessary forest and tourist permits, first aid kit, Lunch,  purified drinking water, transport, and the best safety equipment for canyoning.

What is not included:

Personal major medical including evacuation insurance coverage is recommended.