Dak Lak province

Dak Lak is located in the Central Highlands Vietnam and it is an exciting destination with marvelous natural landscapes and different cultures. This province has a large territory with different natural types and offers a huge number of destinations for visitors.

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The capital of Dak Lak province is Buon Ma Thuot, famously associated with coffee industry. Lining the regions are coffee plantations with vivid green tones, making the area the ideal setting for coffee lovers who enjoy its unique flavor.
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Along with above additional, the beautiful natural landscapes of Đắk Lắk, like Lak Lake, Ea Kao Lake, Dray Nur waterfall and Dray Sap waterfall, are also known as the highlights of the province. Not only they are nice places to have a look at beautiful scenery but also the best destinations for adventurous exploring, hiking, and incredible adventures with the outer world.
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Besides, as a result of the richness of ethnic cultures, the guests can also be provided with the chance to find and know the cultures, the way of life and habits of the ethnic minority groups, such as the K'ho, M'nông, and E De people, put in  Dak Lak.
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In a nutshell, Dak Lak is a diversity embedded region where one can find astonishing natural landscapes and rich culture, all of which can make a memorable journey for visitors.