Vung Tau City Tour

Vung Tau is a city located in the south of Vietnam, it is about 125 kilometers away to the southeast of Ho Chi Minh City. The city is known for its long coastline and it has beautiful beaches, with the best ones such as Front Beach and Back Beach. Vung Tau is also a typical destination of tourists attracting around several beach resorts and hotels.

Top 10 bãi biển Vũng Tàu đẹp, nổi tiếng bạn nhất định phải đi

Asbesides, Vung Ta ranks second to the capital in terms of number of tourist attractions, such as the 32-meter tall statue of Jesus at the foot of Nho Mountain, also known as Cloud Mountain. From the dizzying height of the upper peak, visitors can enjoy a 360-degree view of the city and Vũng Tàu Bay.

Christ of Vung Tau: TOP 1 must-visit site in the city

 There are also plenty of places to visit, with the Maritime Museum, Our Lady of Bai Da Shrine, and fish ports being among our most famous landmarks.

Công ty Cổ phần Mỹ thuật Trung Ương - Bảo tàng tỉnh Bà Rịa - Vũng Tàu
Furthermore, Vung Tau is one of the important centers for the oil and gas business in Vietnam, as well as numerous energy companies and petrol infrastructures. The city has cultural heritage, the most clear characteristic of which is the way it manifests in its different festivals and traditional cultural practices.