Experience the waterfall, trekking through the forest in Da Lat

Adventure waterfalls, trekking through the national forest or camping are experiences for nature enthusiasts and adventure travelers.

Besides the cloud viewing and check-in experiences at famous places, visitors can also explore a pristine Dalat through the following activities.

Datanla Waterfall


With a system of streams, cliffs, waterfalls, dense forests, and pine forests extending over 7 km, Datanla Waterfall (National Highway 20, Ward 3, Da Lat City) is a location that perfectly satisfies the requirements for this sport. The water is stable and clear, and the terrain is not too hazardous.

When participating in this type of sport in Datanla, people will experience 6 waterfalls, with 6 different ways to cross them, including a zip line, slide, and free jump. There are also 7 to 25-meter-high cliffs on the waterfalls. Visitors can also combine trekking over a 7 km long route through a forest and stream.

This tour is not advised for those who have high blood pressure or cardiovascular illnesses due to its dangerous nature. Before beginning the excursion, the organizers must take the guests' blood pressure. They must also closely monitor, have expert guides with them, and provide them with life jackets and specialized climbing equipment.

People who can't swim can still participate. The process of crossing the waterfall takes about 4-5 hours, so you can fully experience it during the day or combine overnight camping.


Trekking through the forest


Besides the famous and long-term trekking like Ta Nang - Phan Dung, visitors can also trek through the roads like Langbiang mountain, conquer the gate of heaven, or Bidoup National Park.

The benefit of trekking is that the terrain is not too challenging, it is appropriate for people of all ages, with the seasons, and seasons do not significantly alter the scenery. Short routes can be traveled at night or during the day. The short route is simple to do, and people with previous trekking expertise can fully learn it and travel alone. Numerous travel agencies also offer trekking tours in Da Lat for about 2 million VND, depending on availability and related extras.



Camping is a form of pristine Dalat experience that is less time-consuming and energy, experiencing overnight outdoors with the weather 14 - 15 degrees C. Dalat does not lack the appropriate locations for camping such as Thien Phuc Duc Hill, Da Phu Hill, Golden Valley, Langbiang Mountain, and Tuyen Lam Lake ... Each place has its own beauty and experience.

Tourists can book a tent, self-sufficient to save money or book through travel agencies to have the best experience on the experience trip. The cost for visitors who take a camping tour with available guides and organizers is 500,000 VND or more. Notably, on May 6, 2021, the Lam Dong province Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism issued a directive to strengthen inspection and strictly handle impromptu camping in Da Lat; do not permit tour operators and tourists to organize camping activities in public areas when they do not meet the requirements and standards of the campsite as specified. As a result, only authorized and skilled travel companies are permitted to arrange camping. When opting to purchase a camping tour in Da Lat, visitors should keep this in mind.


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