Sun World Ba Na Hills

Sun World Ba Na Hills is the most significant resort and recreational complex in Vietnam, As a component of Sun World Amusement Park Group, and is over 20 km away from Da Nang downtown. Sun World Ba Na Hills, which rises 1,487 meters above sea level, is known as "heaven on earth" because of its extraordinary climate and otherworldly natural scenery. Simply go to Sun World Ba Na Hills to enjoy the normal four-season rotation in a single day as well as a variety of events, activities, and cuisine.

Through 11 years in operation and unabated development, Sun World Ba Na Hills have emerged to be a commonplace for domestic and foreign visitors in Danang. With a combined capacity of around 7,000 passengers/hour and built by Doppermayer, the Sun World Ba Na Hills are equipped with 5 cable car routes to meet the transportation needs of the millions of tourists who visit Ba Na every year

Visitors to Sun World Ba Na Hills are treated to the location and many special locations within the complex. The French Village, which recreates a traditional and peaceful France complete with identifiable classical landmarks including the square, church, town, old village, and hotel, is one of the most popular attractions in the Ba Na Hills.

In additionally, The Guardian praised the Golden Bridge as "The world's most impressive pedestrians' bridge" and TIME magazine named it one of the "Top 10 best destinations of the world 2018" before it was formally inaugurated in Ba Na in June 2018.