Things to know about Canyoning

Canyoning is an outdoor activity, designed based on the terrain of waterfalls and ravines. To swing from the top or cliff straight to the bottom, you must use safety equipment such as belts, hangers (hooks), ropes, helmets, etc. This activity will give the excitement of conquering the difficult terrain, the "angry" waterfalls,

How will you be equipped and trained?

Viet Chalenge Company Tour will provide all equipment, which are the "top" safety standards of famous manufacturers of climbing equipment such as Petzl, Black Diamond, city,…

- Nón bảo hiểm, loại nón chuyên dụng cho hoạt động leo núi đá, núi băng, hay hoạt động cứu hộ địa hình hiểm trở, đa dạng. Nón được thiết kế nhẹ, ôm sát đầu, có thể điều chỉnh kích thước.


specialized helmets for rock climbing activities, ice mountains, or rescue activities in difficult and diverse terrain. The helmet is designed to be light, close to the head, and adjustable in size.

The Safety harness.

which connect the body and safety equipment, help perform activities on difficult terrain without using or restricting hands. There are many types of harness; however, our company uses the usual Petzl and Black Diamond harness, which ensure comfy and steady.

Safety Carabiners :

There are many types of Carabiners for climbing activities that depend on the player’s skills how to accord to terrain and hobbies. In addition, the safety hooks have to ensure durability, resistance, and service life.

Other equipment:

Gloves, life jackets, wetsuits(keep the body warm).


This is an outdoor activity with long exposure to water, it is better to wear sportswear that is easy to move. (Sports shoes, sandals, shorts, socks) Do not wear jeans and European shoes)


The tour isn’t requiring climbing, trekking, or swimming skills; however, it requires good physical strength to overcome the 10 kilometers distance. The players will be trained in essential and necessary skills by the tour guide.

Time (8 am – 5 pm daily):

Player will be picked up at the hotel or bus station at 8:00 am-8:50 am. The adventure takes about one day, goes through more than 10 kilometers of forest road, and finishes around 4 or 5 pm. (The trip may end early, subject to departure requests by other separate groups.)

Tour price includes:

Some of the prices such as lunch, water, equipment, transport car, tickets, insurance, and tour guides.


This Canyoning is mainly based on waterfalls, so the rise and fall of the water level is a must to ensure safety when the water level rises suddenly. The Dalat Canyoning Challenge tour takes place at the Datanla waterfall area with a short route, and the water level flows mainly from Tuyen Lam lake; Therefore, it can be regulated appropriately without causing danger to guests, whether in the rainy season or the dry season.

Departure schedule:

Departing daily if guests are full of 2 people or more. If doing Canyoning alone, the guest will be updated with the combined schedule by our company.

What should bring?:

Long-sleeve T-shirt, sunscreen, phone, waterproof bag, Gopro, dry clothes to change and towel.

Should not bring:

Valuable properties (please leave it at the hotel).


The tour is not suitable for pregnant women, elderly over 50 years old, children under 7 years old, people with mobility impairments, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, epilepsy,…

How to book the tour?

Booking directly at our company via hotline (in office hours): 077 782 96 68 – 02633 54 66 77, or via the website:

Book via the partner system – commit to sending guests to our company.

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