Vietjet offers 0 VND tickets promotion to fly to India

Jubilantly welcoming 17 new direct flights from Vietnam to the country of billions of people, Vietjet launches a month-long golden day promotion with tens of thousands of tickets of 0 VND (*), offering the chance to discover the beauty of mystical India with a flexible flight time from August 15, 2022 to March 26, 2023 (**).

With just over 4 hours of flight, you can separate yourself from the hustle and bustle to find peace in “Buddha-land” – a tourist destination that has been interested in recent times. Fascinating tourists who love cultural, historical and architectural beauties, India possesses natural landscapes or attractive monuments such as “little Tibet” Ladakh – the conquering dream of travelers who love to explore, the architectural icon of the Taj Mahal or the Gate of India check-in point right in the heart of prosperous Mumbai.

Besides a series of direct flights of Vietjet connecting major cities of the two countries such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Phu Quoc to New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore, exploring India is easier than ever when visitors can hunt for promotional tickets for 3 golden days a week at the website:, Vietjet Air mobile app or Vietjet facebook page (under “Booking”).

Vietjet tung khuyến mãi vé 0 đồng bay Ấn thứ 4, 5, 6 hàng tuần - Ảnh 2.

Not only traveling to discover, experience or enjoy the beauty of culture and cuisine, India is also known as the perfect stop for the journey to “heal” both body and soul with meditation methods. Traditional medicine, as well as the health system, are among the top countries in the world with a cost savings of more than 50% compared to other medical tourism destinations.

Catch up with the post-pandemic travel trend and immediately discover India with ten thousand enchanting things. Especially when Vietnamese tourists can now apply for an e-visa online quickly and conveniently without Covid-19 tests or other too strict regulations.

(*) Taxes and fees are not included

(**) Not applicable for holidays and New Year

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