In the heart of Da Lat, The Station View Coffee is a Korean coffee shop that captures anyone's heart.

dalat the station view

1/ Where is The Station View Coffee?

the station view

Located in 192 Pham Ngoc Thach – Da Lat city, The Station View is a new name that is known to everyone, although it was just opened in a short time, but the it has been welcomed by a large number of guests

2/ Korean style space

The Station View is special in that it is one of the rare Korean-style shops in Da Lat.

can nha go da lat station view

When you come to The Station View Coffee, you will find a miniature Korean countryside here with a wooden house with sliding doors, rose roots, and terraces.

dalat station view

The shop is designed in an open space, so it is very airy and poetic. There are many rooms with many different views here. 

3/ The structure of The Station View.

The shop has a simple but delicate decoration style, meticulously cared for in every detail.

From the outside, the cafe is a lovely small wooden house that exudes a simple, delicate but cozy beauty. The patio chairs let us relive Vietnam's pre-90s cafes, removing the hustle and bustle of the lavish town.

the front view of the coffee The highlight of this place is the interior of the coffee shop, mostly wood. The wooden tables and chairs, the wood cafe in the vintage direction, create a pleasant feeling for those who come here. With the main color tone being deep colors like brown, it is easy to create a warm feeling but still makes space become more luxurious, cozy, and friendly. Combine with the softness of white curtains to avoid monotony and creative flare.

4 / The Station View Menu.

As one of the famous coffee shops, when you come here, you can choose from a variety of drinks and cakes on the menu at extremely reasonable prices range from 50 to 120 thousand vnd.