Hottest Cactus Kingdom Appeared in DaLat

Kombi Land Coffee is located on Mimosa Pass about 2km from Prenn waterfall, it is considered as a miniature oasis in the middle of Dalat.

As a unique model of Coffee, it seems that Kombi Land has created its own charm at the first sight. With the main highlight are cactuses with beautiful colors and eye-catching shapes. This place is the kingdom of the plants with the most vitality of the flora.

In addition to the small scenes filled by cacti, with the intense vitality, Kombi Land also "embezzled" for itself an extremely quiet space beside a calm lake, but not less romantic.

Kombi Land with the view of small beautiful lake

Coming to Kombi Land, you will not only enjoy delicious coffee but also have countless beautiful “virtual living” of views.

Virtual Living Views

Come to Kombi Land to fully enjoy the wildness and brilliant of youth; For me, you and us, not to waste time being passionate and aspire to begin, explore new lands, and let our souls drift away from wildness dreams.

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