experience cultural exchanges Tay Nguyen gongs in dalat city


Tour gongs langbiang

Gongs Langbiang Located at the foot of top of Lang Biang majestic Lat commune of Lac Duong district where ethnic Lach the first inhabitants of the mountain city of beautiful Dalat live is the place to stop learn many interesting human and cultural lifestyle in the highlands village of mountain peoples through exchanges tour Tay Nguyen gongs and our nation.

Tour gongs langbiang

Tour gongs langbiang


Central Highlands gong culture in Vietnam has been officially recognized by UNESCO as a masterpiece of intangible cultural and oral traditions of humanity. After Hue royal court music Highlands gongs are intangible cultural heritage second to Vietnam to be honored as the heritage of the world. Space of gong culture spread throughout 5 Kon Tum, Gia Lai Dak Lak, Dak Nong, Lam Dong and the employer of its kind special culture are residents of Central Highlands ethnic Bana Xedang Mnong Coho Romam Ede Giarai Coatings gongs closely connected with the life of the Highlands is the voice of the spiritual human soul to express joy and sorrow in the lives of workers and their daily activities.

The festival has become a cultural tourism product unique city of Da Lat in particular and the Central Highlands plateau in general. If you have to, do not rush off when not hear the gong gong and dance around the fire lithe boys and girls of ethnic K'Ho offline.

Ritual fires

Ritual part:

  • Introduce about village of customs LomBieng gong culture and life of ethnic Chil Lach with mountains.
  • God ritual fire bridge- the request of Yang (invite the Head of the fire burning group)
  • Welcoming spirit (groups of men and women and ethnic minority)
  • Good new dance Rice
  • Dance "A-rap-mo-o"
  • Communal dance festival gong
  • Listen 6 boys beat Ching K'ram village.
  • Enjoy the taste wine together passionate delicious barbecue.

Part festival

  • Introduce about life tied to the mountains of the villagers and the introduction of the gongs Dalat
  • Highland dances Soan (everybody dance)
  • Dances buffalo boys and boys ethnic lowland and dances express the voice of buffalo gong.
  • Dances "Hoa Langbiang" by village girls show. (Invite the girls dance together lowland)
  • Dances "go hunting Drop P’nu" by the village boys with dance dance with girls hunt plains.
  • Dances "Kids picking forest leaf" by village girls dancing with the boys along the plains.
  • Dances Ching P'Ró find buffalo
  • Dances "The spring dance parties Kids"
  • Pounding rice moonlight villages invite girls and boys present.
  • Dance "Day season on trafficking"
  • Dance love song "K’Dung K’Lang"
  • The game community living.
  • Each group sang exchanges.
  • Song of farewell to seeing you.

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