The attraction of Da Lat city at night

Dalat is a beautiful city in both space and time, for at any season in the year the city owns special beauty, any street can lead you to beautiful scenery, architectural sights. But if choosing the most beautiful time in Dalat, many people will select night time because Dalat becomes more sparkling, more fanciful, more vigorous than any time of the day.

Night life in the city center

The lively night life of the city of fog is most evident in the city center, near the bustling night market, which attracts many tourists to visit and buy souvenirs, clothes or enjoy special dishes, delicious but cheap snacks that make the reputation of Dalat cuisine such as grilled rice rolls, grilled meat skewers, soymilk, chewy tapioca dumpling, steamed thin rice pancake with chicken giblets,…

Dalat night market is like other markets in the crowded, bustling characteristic but brings to tourists the peaceful, attractive feeling which is difficult to describe.

What to do in Dalat at night

Some activities lightly relaxed

Da Lat night, even when it makes you feel cold, cannot keep tourists indoors, they will throng to the most active beat of the city, they hold hands for a walk, enjoy the hot and spicy snack, to sweep away the cold, and choose souvenirs for each other clearly bearing Dalat mark. Those who travel in groups or enjoy the lively, vibrant and busy lifestyle can together go to many hot pots, barbecue restaurants, offering fresh and delicious food at reasonable price to enjoy delicious and inviting dishes, and tell each other endless stories.

or simply feelings

Da Lat night is also a suitable time for romantic people to stroll along the beautiful, romantic Xuan Huong lake, feeling the most subtle vibrations of love, friendship and life. When night falls, the winding roads, drowned in the fog are not scary, but they make us feel something vague, urging to be explore when stepping into those roads, you can climb up the hill, watch a beautiful Dalat, sparkling under the electric light at night. All the villas, resorts, pine hills, flower fields are covered with light cotton blankets, heaving in the night dew so that when you wake up the following morning when the fog melts, Dalat air becomes fresh and invigorating.

or spending hours to enjoy the peace in the world of your own

Da Lat nightlife is also the quiet, familiar corner cafes, not brilliant, lavish but beautiful enough for people to remember, willing to spend hours to enjoy the peace in the world of your own. In small corners, embracing your cold hands on the hot cups of coffee spreading the fascinating scent of coffee, you can enjoy the beautiful streets of Da Lat tourist paradise: if in day time, Dalat is beautiful, colorful then at night the street corner is gentle, more rustic with soft colors, not too noisy. Sometimes the gentle rain falls over the streets of Dalat, making this place more blurry, more mysterious, spreading in the atmosphere is the fragrance of flowers, grass to relieve anxiety, sorrows for many people.

Possibly the trip to Da Lat at night lasts to the following morning when we have felt our feet are not able to step forward, then we return to the hotel, lodging to rest, preparing for another journey to explore the city of many beautiful sights.

Leaving Da Lat will make you miss it more and you love the city of pine trees more as you try to come to Da Lat many more times, to explore many beautiful landscapes, eat more delicious dishes only found in Da Lat. Dalat is forever where you can soothe your spirit every time you feel sad, Dalat is always ready to become a close friend to those who come to it.


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