10 special things to note when traveling to Dalat during Tet

Traveling to Dalat during Tet Holiday is an attractive choice for you and your family every Chinese New Year occasion. Dalat with a fresh and cool atmosphere, many beautiful scenes, and delicious food… surely this is a great place to visit and relax. To fully enjoy the spring trip, you need to pay attention to the following things when making the trip to Dalat this Tet Holiday!

The weather of Dalat on Tet holiday

Dalat on the spring days has the fresh air, warm sunshine all day without a little rain. The weather of Dalat is on the occasion of the Lunar New Year is both sunny and cold, so you only need a thin coat to be able to spend the day and night in this beautiful city.

Hotels in Tet season will increase prices and will be full

On the occasion of the festival, the number of tourists increased significantly, so the price of a room on the occasion of Tet holiday rooms is changed, hotels are often full or they raise prices. Sometimes it is 2-3 times higher than normal days. So in order to have a full trip to Dalat, you need to book the rooms at least 1 month in advance to be able to get good rooms, good quality and affordable price. Or you can choose hotels far from the city center for better prices as well as avoiding crowds in the city.

Dalat tours on Tet are rare and high price

Tours of Dalat in Lunar New Year 2020 are not only having the price higher than the regular tours, but also a shortage of tour so you need to pay attention to book tour in advance to have the best tour and the quality worthy of the price you pay. You can consult before the reputable Dalat Tet tour companies to ensure the quality of the trip.

Note: Vietchallenge tours will keep same price during Tet holilay 

Tickets for buses and planes on Tet holidays are scarce

Tet season seems like all types of vehicles are priced quite high compared to normal days. Because the number of tourists moving up and down is quite large plus the supply is not enough, making the forms of transportation increase prices. Travel to Dalat, you should choose a bus and a plane as a means of transportation.

Bus tickets

Bus tickets to Dalat during Tet may increase twice. Moreover on the occasion of Tet, the crowded situation is easy to happen, if traveling with family, it should not be because it is easy to feel tired and lose interest. So if you go by bus, you should choose the high-quality buses, with comfortable beds like sleeping buses.

Airplane tickets

It can be said that air tickets during Tet are more expensive than normal day. So if you have a need to travel to Dalat, you should book the plane ticket for New Year in advance (before many months). And one extremely important thing is that you have to book tickets early to get a good price and make sure you have a return ticket.

The “rip off” will increase

It is a fact that during Tet holidays, most prices of goods and services will increase prices. Tet in Dalat is also not out of that tendency. A rip off happen to tourists. So when you travel to Dalat, you need to ask the service price or food price in advance to avoid being ripped off. Or you can call to hotline 0912903294 – 0912903178 – 0912903707 – 0912903615 when encountering a rip off.

Tourist areas is overloaded during Tet holiday

Besides the overload of services, the tourist areas here are also overloaded. If you don’t have a thoughtful travel plan, you’ll have to jostle to the sights here very tired.

In my opinion, when going to the sights that you want to move comfortably, it is best to go at the low hours with less people go like early morning or late afternoon. Avoid going in the middle of the day to not encounter the crowded situation. Or you can choose motorbike to visit Dalat on Tet holiday when you can freely choose the tourist areas you want to go and comfortable about time.

Traffic jam

On the occasion of Lunar New Year, the number of tourists coming Dalat is very crowded. The streets of Dalat are small plus with a large number of tourists joining the traffic, making the traffic system here congested, especially in the central roundabout such as Dalat market, the University junction, Chi Lang junction… So when you join traffic during Tet holidays, you need to calm down, go according to regulations and guidance the traffic police. Avoid unnecessary collisions.

Service prices on the occasion of Tet also increased

Traveling to Dalat on Tet holiday, you must understand that the service prices will increase double or 3 times. Unlike regular days. Price increases but the quality of service is worse, disturbing visitors. Especially, there are more surcharges during the Tet holiday, so you need to pay more attention. You should ask for a price before using the service or eating.

Unsafe food issue

Because of the overload of customers, the restaurant prepares food superficially, not to ensure food safety and hygiene. So you should choose the reputable and hygiene restaurants, and you will not worry about being rip off.

Attractive things on Tet holiday in Dalat

Going to Dalat on Tet holiday, no one wants to come back, everywhere in the city is beautiful make people want to explore. There are too many places to go and to feel, the city is small but to go and see the whole Dalat, it takes a lot of time.

You will be overwhelmed by the cherry blossom forests cover all the dreaming city. The beautiful pink color looms over houses, streets and corners creating an extremely romantic scenery that seems to have only in the cold air of Dalat suitable for the blooming flowers in new spring. A lot of flower pots for Tet in Dalat are sold throughout the streets of the city.

If you travel with your partner to Dalat in the early days of spring, you will surely have a wonderful warm feeling when hand in hand to go to the night market, buy and give each other cute wool items or eat a delicious sidewalk dish…


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